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The Basics Of The Fair Housing Act (DL107)

This course is compiled from a Housing and Urban Development video on the basics of Fair Housing along with other documents issued by HUD and other agencies specific to Fair Housing. Course PowerPoint and other documents are printable.
This Fair Housing course covers:
What is Fair Housing?
What issues are covered under the Fair Housing Act?
What are protected classes?
What makes discrimination illegal?
Who must comply?
The Fair Housing Act and Disability
Domestic Violence and Fair Housing
Familial Status
Additional Resources
  • Disclaimer OMG-DL NARPM 1.21.pptx
  • Course Orientation v1.1.21.pptx
  • Print Files.pptx
  • HUD Fair Housing Video Intro.mp4
  • Fair Housing Overview.mp4
  • Hud Guidance Document on Criminal Background Checks.pdf
  • FH Disabilities.mp4
  • ReasonableAccomadationsHUD.pdf
  • ReasonableModifications DOC_7502.PDF
  • 19ServiceAnimalNoticeFHEO_508.pdf
  • QUIZ
  • Quiz 1
  • FH Familar status.mp4
  • Gudiance regarding advertising DOC_7784.PDF
  • Final Exam
  • The Basics of the Fair Housing Act Final Exam
  • student survey
  • Basics of Fair Housing Student Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever